useful. Twin Chamber Rotating Compost Bin - Dual Chamber Rolling Compost Tumbler with Sliding Door and Solid Steel Frame

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  • ☑️ SPEEDY PROCESS: Rotating compost bin speeds up decomposition process, producing compost as much as four times faster than sedentary compost pile
  • ☑️ DUAL CHAMBER: Twin chambers allow for simultaneous production of batches of compost at different stages of progress
  • ☑️ ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS: Air vents openings can be adjusted to desired size, allowing for ideal aeration for various types/stages of compost
  • ☑️ LARGE CAPACITY: Bin has total capacity of approx. 37 gallons (five cubic feet), or 18.5 gallons/2.5 cubic feet per chamber

The it's useful. Home Twin Chamber Rotating Compost Bin makes the process of converting your food scraps and yard trimmings into nutrient-packed compost quick and easy. Whereas a traditional compost pile can take many weeks to convert materials into usable compost, this rotating bin can produce useable soil-enriching compost in as little as 14 days. And thanks to its twin-chambered design, you can enjoy a near constant supply of ready compost by keeping each half of the bin filled with materials at different levels of decomposition. Using the it's useful. Twin Chamber Rotating Compost Bin is remarkably easy. The door slides aside, revealing wide openings that allow for easy loading of table scraps, dried leaves, grass clippings, and more, and into which you can easily fit a spade or shovel once it's time to scoop out the prepared compost. Adjustable air vents allow for easy control of aeration, so the compost can easily get that oxygen it needs to break down quickly. And of course the bin is easy to rotate, turning smoothly around its central axis even when both chambers are fully laden with materials. The it's useful. Twin Chamber Rotating Compost Binis constructed from recycled polyethylene that is UV-resistant and impervious to damage from rain, snow, temperature, or other environmental factors. The galvanized steel frame is equally rugged, resisting rust and corrosion and easily supporting the weight of the bin even when both chambers are filled.